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Business Law and General Counsel Services

Businesses, business owners, and executives rely on Schaeve Law Office, P.C. to provide sound legal counsel in a wide variety of transactions, litigation, regulatory matters. Schaeve Law Office, P.C.’s legal services include:


The firm reviews, drafts, and negotiates all types of commercial agreements on behalf of businesses. It also represents clients in lawsuits and arbitrations involving breach of contract and other claims of a commercial nature.


Schaeve Law Office, P.C. represents businesses and individuals on a wide range of employment issues, including employment policies, employment agreements, employee benefits, employment statutes and regulations, executive fiduciary duties, and employment litigation.

Data Security and Intellectual Property

Schaeve Law Office, P.C. assists businesses in complying with federal and state information security law, advises them on best practices to prevent a breach, and represents their interests in the event of a breach. The firm also represents businesses and individuals in the registration of trademarks and copyrights and in trademark and copyright infringement disputes.

Startup, Purchase or Sale of a Business

Schaeve Law Office, P.C. represents individuals and businesses start up, purchase, or sell a business by setting up the right business entity for their needs, assisting with due diligence, obtaining licenses and permits, helping secure financing, and ensuring statutory and regulatory compliance.

Health Care Law

Schaeve Law Office, P.C. advises physicians and health care providers on employment contracts, risk management, medical licensing, regulatory compliance, health information, leases, employment, and mergers and acquisitions. Schaeve Law Office, P.C. also represents clients in health care-related disputes.

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